How to use router table

In this article we shall briefly discuss how to use the router table and why it is so helpful. Whether you are a woodworker or a craftsman or an amateur, who is fond of wood works, the router table is really necessary for you. It may deal with the woodworking tasks providing the accurate and precise cuttings which are not available to be done by means of the simple handholding routing.


To use the router table, you may either buy the ready model or the bench top one which is fixed on the working bench or you may purchase the set of accessories needed and construct the router table by yourself.

Router tables are widely used in the works when it is needed to fix, to measure and to cut the wooden materials. But of course it is mainly for the purpose of routing. Router table is supplied with the spinning router, which may have the different speed of spinning – most of the tables have from 3000 to 24000 rpm speed router. The router may deal with the surfaces of different sizes and shapes. The good router table should have the quick start motor; it should be supplied with the ability to easily adjust the depth of cutting and, probably, the long cord providing mobility. You should also pay attention on which is the surface material of the router table. Of course, one of the most important details of the router table is the fence – there may be dual fences as well. The fence provides the needed stability of the working material and with the help of the router lift you may easily adjust the depth and width of the profile of cutting. The good router table has the dust collector, which is providing the safe working environment.

Usually, for most of the routing processes, the piece of wood would be sliding from the right to the left, and not the opposite way.


The router table is ideally dealing with the difficult tasks, like for example routing and cutting for making edge to edge joint. All you have to do is to adjust the cutting depth, set the sizes of the fence, and choose the right size of the slots. You may also cut the moldings which are long and you can deal with any tasks connected with shaping the edges, also like dealing with narrow pieces of boards. You should not leave the working material between the fence and the bit.

When working with the router table you should be always careful, make sure the material is fixed well and the table is stable, protect your hands, use the gloves, and unplug the electricity every time you want to change the details. For better protection of the fingers you may also use the pushing boards.

Don’t overload the motor: better make the cut in tow steps, especially if they are more than 3/8 inches deep.
In any case using the router table is much easier and safer than using the simple router.