How to build the router table

In this review we will give some recommendations on how to build a router table yourself. To use the router table, you may either buy the ready model or the bench top one which is fixed on the working bench or you may purchase the set of accessories needed and construct the router table by yourself.

The router table may deal with the woodworking tasks providing the accurate and precise cuttings which are not available to be done by means of the simple handhold routing. In any case using the router table is much easier and safer than using the simple router.

Router tables are widely used in the works when it is needed to fix, to measure and to cut the wooden materials. But of course it is mainly for the purpose of routing. Router table is supplied with the spinning router, which may have the different speed of spinning – most of the tables have from 3000 to 24000 rpm speed router.

RouterTable Carcas

First you have to decide which size of the table you may need, which type of material will you use and what will be the main woodworks you are planning to deal with. We may recommend you to start building the router table from making the carcass. During the initial construction you should pay much attention to fixing of the top of the table carcass – it is usually bolted and glued, with the use of some cement. You have to make sure that the top surface is smooth and flat. Then you may add the trim to the top surface and after that to clamp one of the Incra fence and you may also bolt it for better effect of stability.

Then you have to choose the right router lift (PRL) – you may choose the one with the double screws, we may recommend you the Woodpecker PRL. You will also have to purchase the Porter Cable router. You may connect it in the way that the switch button will be somewhere on the router table.

You may also make the router table with the different drawers for details and templates and the trays for holding the templates.

The good router table has the dust collector, which is providing the safe working environment.
Usually, for most of the routing processes, the piece of wood would be sliding from the right to the left, and not the opposite way.


The router table is ideally dealing with the difficult tasks, like for example routing and cutting for making edge to edge joint. All you have to do is to adjust the cutting depth, set the sizes of the fence, and choose the right size of the slots. You may also cut the moldings which are long and you can deal with any tasks connected with shaping the edges, also like dealing with narrow pieces of boards.

Making a router table is worth it, as you will gain the experience in woodcraft and you will have the ready router table for all your routing and cutting needs.